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Welcome to WICSA 2011

This year WICSA is co-located with CompArch 2011, the federated events on component-based software engineering and software architecture.

WICSA is a Working Conference!

Your work starts right now. Find the topics you are interested in, watch the pages where the action is (put them on your watch list), and make your contributions, before, during, and after the conference.

What's New

  • Messages for the community
    • Is anybody staying after the conference? and wants to go together for biking, hiking, etc.? contact Joaquim Sanmarti, E: joaquim sanmarti (at) gtd es
  • Latest photos
  • If anyone needs assistance editing content or uploading images, please contact me.
  • Here are the slides of the CompArch&WICSA 2011 opening session: [1]

Getting There

In addition to the excellent venue information available on the CompArch 2011 site, please consult Local Arrangements for Boulder, Colorado, where you can share hints and "gotchas" with other travellers.

Once you get to the periphery of the Engineering Building, look for white signs on the pavement with the CompArch and WICSA logos and an arrow pointing you in the right direction.


There is metered parking on the north side of the Engineering Center and just past the next building to the west, for $1.50 per hour. If you ordered a parking pass with your registration, it is valid in the "RG Zone", which is located across the street to the east of the Engineering Center. From there, enter the Engineering Center through the center arch-way, and continue west, slowly ascending ramps and a few steps, until your way is blocked by a wall. You can then either take the stairs or the elevator and find yourself at the entrance to the conference registration area.

If you have further questions about local arrangements for WICSA 2011 in Boulder, send an email to the local organisers and we'll help however we can.


Details here.

Pamela Zave

How software architecture can make an application-friendly Internet

Ian Gorton (Industry Day Keynote)

Cyber Dumpster Diving: Creating New Systems (that work) for Less [2]

Michael Stal (Industry Day Keynote)

Good is not good enough - Evaluating and Improving Software Architecture

Bran Selic

Making Abstraction Concrete

Industry Day

The final program for the joint CompArch/WICSA Industry Day is available here.

Lightning Talks

A Lightning Talk is a short presentation given at a conference or similar forum. Unlike other presentations, lightning talks last only a few minutes and several will usually be delivered in a single period by different speakers. More information how to prepare and give a lightning talk

The CompArch/WICSA lightning talk session is scheduled for Wednesday, June 22, 15:00/3pm (Benson 180). We will have 4 talk at 5-7 minutes each:

1) Eltjo Poort, Logica: “Architect and Manager –Alien vs. Predator”

2) Patricia Lago, VU Amsterdam: “How Architects can become Gardeners”[3]

3) Matthias Galster, University of Groningen: ”QA in SOA: friends or foes?”

4) Philippe Kruchten, UBC Vancouver: “Complex Looks Simple, Simple is Complex”

Presenters, please post/attach your slides here (if any)

Research Papers

Have been distributed to attendees on memory sticks. Session chairs may want to upload theirs into the Wiki for reference in the session notes.

Reflection Sessions

Working Sessions

Working sessions are designed to allow plenty of time for discussion and to capture that discussion in this wiki. Working sessions are two hours. Each working session contains three or four short papers about related subjects, and starts with 10-minute presentations of each short paper. The remaining time of the working session will be spent discussing the session's topic with the paper authors and other workshop participants. The working sessions will be facilitated by two working session chairs: one from industry and one from academia. Please visit the working session pages, sign up for two of them, and start now contributing to the discussion.


WICSA 2011 is co-located with CompArch 2011, the federated conference series bringing together researchers and practitioners from Component-Based Software Engineering and Software Architecture. Information on the other conferences can be found here.

Workshop website

Workshop web site

Workshop website


  • T1: Architecting Cloud Computing Applications, Anna Liu - Monday 20, Morning
  • T2: Architectural Knowledge Management with Semantic Wikis , Remco de Boer - Monday 20, Afternoon
  • T3: Software Architecture for the Business Analyst, Philippe Kruchten - Wednesday 22, Morning
  • T4: Information Systems Architecture: Stakeholders, Viewpoints and Perspectives, Eoin Woods - Wednesday 22, Afternoon
  • T5: Strategic Management of Technical Debt, Nanette Brown, Robert Nord, Ipek Ozkaya - Friday 24, Morning
  • T6: Architecture Haiku: The Art of One-Page Architecture Descriptions, George Fairbanks - Friday 24, Afternoon

For tutorial descriptions, see WICSA 2011 Tutorials.

Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) Sessions

A BoF session is a short, informal forum for discussions related to any aspect of software architecture. Attendees wishing to get together with others who share their interests, goals, technologies, environments, or backgrounds are invited to organize and/or attend a BoF session.

Requirements for holding a BoF and to attend one are very flexible. A BoF acn be proposed and advertised before the conference, others can convened at the conference when the need for one is recognized. Please sign-up for BoFs in advance, if you think you know your plans, to help organizers assess interest and assign rooms, but you can also just show up. BoFs can be used to continue a discussion that began in another session, for a group to get together to pursue a common interest or just to discuss a range of opinions around a topic.

The following BoFs are planned so far:

Getting Oriented Quickly

  • First, become a registered Wicsa 2011 wiki user by registering for the conference.
  • To contribute/edit, make sure you are logged in to this site.
  • You can create your own individual home page by clicking on your ID, which will take you to a personal page where you can add your personal information.
  • Set your profile to watch any pages that you change, so that you can see others' response to your changes.
  • A great guide from previous WICSA conferences.

Software Architecture Village

This conference page is part of a larger effort to collect the experience of the WICSA community. Please visit the Software Architecture Village page to learn more.



If you find the wiki useful or have suggestions for improvement, please provide feedback to: Bob Schwanke (WikiMaster). If anyone needs specific Wiki support, I'll be at the conference, arriving Monday afternoon.

Wiki Page Naming Convention

When choosing a page name, please think as if you were writing an encyclopedia article. The meaning of the name should not depend on reading it in the context of some other page. Avoid acronyms, except "WICSA" and acronyms from the schedule grid, e.g. WS1, BAAL. You do not need to include the year of the conference in the page title, unless the page is similar to one from a different conference year. (Notice that the short form of the conference name is "WICSA 2009". It does not include a serial number, that is, it is not called "8th WICSA" nor "WICSA 8".

Using the template {{2011}} somewhere on the page will include the page in Category:2011. Do this for WICSA2011-specific pages, but not for pages that might span multiple WICSAs.

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