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Conference Closed


Welcome to WICSA 2008

WICSA 2008 is the seventh international conference devoted entirely to Software Architecture. Its purpose is to bring together software engineering practitioners and researchers from industry and academia to exchange experiences, results and ideas related to all aspects of software architecture. Its mission is to strengthen and expand its role as the premier conference on architectural issues in software system design, development and maintenance, practitioners as well as academics

What's New

  • We're done! Thank you all for attending and contributing to a great conference. This wiki remains open for all attendees to contribute.
  • If anyone needs assistance editing content or uploading files, please contact me. At some point after the conference, I'll be renaming pages so they follow a consistent pattern. If you have links to WICSA 2008 on your website, please send me a note so I can update you on the changes. Thank you!

Research Papers

Research Papers-Experience Wednesday in Ballroom

Research Papers-PatternsAndStyles Thursday morning in Ballroom

Working Sessions

WS1 - Architecture & Organisation Tuesday in GRANVILLE A

WS2 - Knowledge Tuesday in GRANVILLE B

WS3 - Analysis and Design Tuesday & Wednesday in OAK C

WS4 - Architecture Documentation Frameworks Wednesday in GRANVILLE A

WS5 - Generation and Transformation Wednesday in GRANVILLE B

WS6 - Architecture and Adaptation Tuesday & Wednesday in OAK D



TAGL: Architecture and Agile Methodologies—How to Get Along

  • TESO: Evaluating a Service-Oriented Architecture
  • TSFY: Software Architecture for Safety-Critical Systems
  • TSEC: Security patterns and the design of secure architectures

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

A BoF session is a short, informal forum for discussions related to any aspect of software architecture. Attendees who want to get together with others who share their interests, goals, technologies, environments, or backgrounds are invited to organise and attend a BoF session.

Currently scheduled:

Getting Oriented Quickly

Local Arrangements Info

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



If you find the wiki useful or have suggestions for improvement, please provide feedback to: Michael Marzec (WikiMaster). If anyone needs specific Wiki support, I'm here at the conference, and have already briefly met a few of you.

Wiki Page Naming Convention

Suggestions have been made on the naming convention for the WICSA pages. This will will go a long way towards mitigating any naming conflicts, especially with previous WICSA pages. New pages should follow the convention, where possible, and existing pages will be moved/renamed to follow the convention.

The current convention is: Wicsa7:<BOF|Papers|Sessions|Tutorials|Workshops>:Session_Name

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